Everyone want to live clean and neat and definitely all people want to buy the best and good toilet for your home and offices. There are many companies that are giving the Best Toilets 2017 but they all are giving the toilets in so much high prices that every person can not afford that prices easily. but we are giving you the detail of all best toilets and new style toilets that will be good for you and also best and the cheap for you.

Some toilets have a low flow so they are not good for the homes and offices but if you see the best toilets then it will be better for you to buy a high flow toilet that will be also cheap for you. Some of them are different because some have the single flush toilet and some have the dual flush toilet now choice is yours that what type of toilet you want to buy Best toilet 2017.

There are some points when you are going to buy the best and good toilet for your home or offices then you should know these followings points which are mentioned here in detail below

  • What type of toilet will be best and good for you? 
  • You want to buy the single flush toilet or you want to buy the dual flush toilet for your homes and offices? • You want to buy the flash of rounded toilet bowl or not? 
  • Which toilet you are going to buy the toilet from market then you should see that you have watersense certified or not have water sense certified? 
  • Which price of toilet you want to buy, you want on the low price or you want to buy the toilet in high costed price? 
  • You should know that which type of the toilet you are going to buy from the market that have warranty of some years or not? 

Its all depend on you to select the Best Toilet 2017 and you can buy on your own wish. The rounded bowl is an interesting component and is in a perfect world the best latrine for a little washroom. Spare a few minutes in the establishment since this is the best toilet for the cash you spend. Grommets and jolts are comprehensive in the bundle and come pre-introduced. The Toilet utilizes a 12" harsh into associate with the waste pipe. You can settle this by itself and extra a few bucks and time with a handyman.

If you have select the type of toilet for your home and for your offices then you can buy it from the market or if you have problems or still you have not selected the most good and best type of Best Toilet2017 then you can get the suggestions and the ideas from us. We will help you every time and try to give the good idea for selecting the toilet which will be good and cheap in price that you can easily afford that prices. Stay connected with us.

Thank You!
Are you planning to buy a scooter for your kid on his/her coming birthday? Or you just want to give your kid a surprise by gifting him a scooter? Trust me, this is the best thing you can ever gift to your child. Nowadays, kids are in love with toddler scooters.
However, there are few things that you need to keep in your mind before investing your money on the toddler scooter. You might be getting confused what are those things you need to look before buying a new toddler scooter. Well, we are here to assist you. Below, we will talk about all of those important things that parent need to keep in the mind before buying a new toddler scooter for their child, so gear up!

Is your child ready to ride a scooter?

This should be the very first thing you need to ask yourself that whether your child is capable enough to ride a scooter or not? There is a wide variety available in the toddler scooters in the market, but you need to consider the age of your kid.
Let’s take an example, if your kid is 2 years and you prefer buying 5 years scooter for him/her then you are on a wrong track. Keeping the age factor in mind is very important before purchasing a toddler scooter for your kid. Moreover, make sure that whether your kid wants that gift from your side or not, because every kid is born with different mental interests.
This is the possibility that you bring this toy for your kid, and he/she is least interested in it. Therefore, make sure that whether your child is ready to ride a scooter or not. Otherwise, you are going to waste your money.

Which scooter is best for your child?

The second question you need to ask yourself is that which toddler scooter you should prefer? There is a huge variety available in the scooters like two wheels scooters as well as three wheels scooters. However, this is your duty to identify the need of your kid whether he/she will be able to ride three wheels or two-wheel scooter.
After getting an answer to this question, invest your money in buying the best scooter for your kid. This is a very basic thing, you need to consider because there is a possibility that you buy a two-wheel scooter and your kid don’t find it comfortable to drive it. Therefore, before making any decision; keep your kid demands or needs in the special consideration should be the best thing you can do.
Let’s take an example, two wheels scooter is best for kids with 5 onwards age and three wheels scooter is the best choice for kids less than 5 years. It is better to make them learn first how to drive a scooter so they can drive it safely without harming them.

Don’t forget to check out the features and price

The last but not the least; you need to check out the features or specifications of the scooter you are going to purchase. However, keep in mind that it is not always easy to check out the features and quality of the machine or gadget you are purchasing, so what you can do is to take the help of internet.
We all are living in an advanced world where it is very easy to get access to the internet. Therefore, make sure to check out different platforms to make an idea about the market price and online pricing. It will also help you to evaluate the quality of the scooter you are going to buy for your kid.

Make sure not to waste your money without verifying each and everything. This is not just the matter of money, but it also includes the safety of your kid as well. 

My relationship with Honor 9i was somewhat of like and dislike - and then completely liking it ever since. With last year's Honor 8 and Honor 8 pro receiving wide critical praise for the design and stunning camera, this year it was quite clear that Honor definitely had something special up their sleeves, and they certainly didn't disappoint us. T he phone priced at Rs 17,999 will go on sale from 14 October, exclusively on Flipkart and here is what we think about the Honor 9i. 

For Huawei, Honor 9i is another first, it's their first smartphone ever with four cameras, and most importantly the first smartphone in the world with a full view display and four cameras. 

According to Huawei's India development head Allen Wang , Huawei did put intensive market research for this phone, as smartphones have become the most important personal tools for us. As a result, the phone is perfectly crafted for its targeted audience, the digitally native millennials, and it is a perfect match, so Huawei claims. More importantly, this is a device which allows Honor to compete in a device segment that is flooded with 6-inch screens and this becomes one of the first phones by the brand in the screen size. 

Aptly, it feels like the proverbial "Millennial Falcon". 

The good 

The biggest surprise for me when I saw Honor 9i first was the build and design. Back then, with the price yet to be revealed, I thought this was a great design for a phone priced at Rs. 25, 000. The phone has a unibody aluminum design that reminds of the Honor 8 Pro. Honor 9i felt really good in the hand and easy to use, especially with it's 7.5 mm thinner, the 2.5 D glass display, and weighing in 164 grams, it becomes one of the lightest phones with such a huge screen. 

Initially, the unit we received felt laggy and I was quick to dismiss the camera features too gimmicky, relegating this phone to my backpack pocket as I returned to my iPhone 7 to get life my life moving. However, a day and full reset later, the places have switched as I started to reach for Honor 9i for everything from checking the web, to typing long notes in Evernote. 

The major reason for this new found affinity towards this phone is its 5.9-inch bezel-less full HD display that has an 18:9 aspect ratio offering an immersive experience. The Full HD+ (2160x1080 pixels) resolution is ideal for the many day-to-day tasks, from reading on the web to checking social media, as the 18:9 aspect ratio shows more content in a vertically. Even for videos this is vastly more immersive, and frankly there are only a handful of phones in the market that offer this kind of an experience. 

The phone runs Android 7.0 based EMUI 5.1 powered by Huawei Kirin 659 octa-core SoC and 4GB RAM, making the experience as smooth as possible. And 3340 mAh battery gets you easily through a day, with some juice left before shut eye. That's what matters at the end of the day? Right? 

Coming to the cameras, unlike the dual camera systems Honor implemented before in which one camera was used for monochrome data while the other is used for RGB pixels, in Honor 9i Huawei decided to go for a regular camera to take the photo and the second one to capture the depth, an approach that's more common. 
In daylight, the rear 16-megapixel lens coupled with a 2-megapixel depth sensor takes really good photos. The bokeh effect works like a charm, providing stunning photos in well-lit shots. The camera app also comes with a wide variety of features such as a pro mode, a wide aperture mode, and a portrait mode. 
On the front, there is 13-megapixel and a 2-megapixel lens, and a smart flash what my photographer friend termed as a diffused flash, for selfies. Importantly, you can take selfies with portrait mode, thanks to the extra depth-sensing camera. 

Now, the image quality here is quite impressive. The bokeh mode works well and even generally, the images come out nicely in daylight. At time the quality suffers, but that's a given the phone's pricing. Still, one can easily say it is one of the best camera phones in the market for less than Rs 20,000. 

Call and network quality of the phone was quite par for the course, which is always nice to know and it works with all 4G and VoLTE networks in the country. 

The bad 

When it comes to video recording, I will say this Honor 9i isn't the best. The videos were very shaky and unstabilized. Another issue with the camera is that the images felt a little bit too saturated and over processed for my taste Taking pictures in low light, especially with front facing camera was quite challenging. Additionally, some of the phone's camera features require an extra few seconds of processing before the final image is shown. 

Honor 9i full view display struggled in bright sunlight. Brightness levels of the display weren't high enough for a pleasurable viewing experience. The phone comes with a micro-USB port as opposed to a USB-type C, but it is common in this price point. On the build side, the rear camera protrusion is quite significant, but since it is centrally placed, the phone doesn't wobble on a flat surface. 

Finally, I have some doubts about the durability of the front glass as in very few days use the front-facing camera got a noticeable scratch. Honor hasn't mentioned which type of glass it has used and their silence in this matter adds more to my suspicion. 

One final bit that is a matter of concern is that this phone may not get the latest Android Oreo update anytime soon. Honor is notorious for being lackadaisical with updates and considering this isn't a flagship phone one should hedge bets on this getting one soon. The big disadvantage of this is that users will not get regular security patches and will not benefit from the user interface and battery life gains Google has made on Oreo. 

Should you buy it? 

The phone is designed with millennials in mind. A big display, great cameras on front and back, and a gorgeous design, especially on the gold unit we have. However, in this price segment, the competition is high.Xiaomi Mi A1 is a strong competitor running fluid stock Android with a brilliant design and great cameras . 

But, if your priority is content consumption then Honor 9i with its full view display offers you a great experience. For the millennial generation who lives in the vertically scrolling app and feeds, Honor has created an almost perfect companion at a perfect price. 

For folks who want a simple user experience then perhaps the Mi A1 will make more sense, but folks who want cutting edge features at a diet, then indeed, the Honor 9i is their "Millennial Falcon".

Keeping in mind the need of advertisement and your interest, I have compiled an inventory of artistic advertising concepts to create your complete standout!  For getting more advertisement ideas and advertisement services visit www.alibabaprinting.sg.

 Take advantage of Ego with a Sponsored Quiz

Someone told me once that the trick to making individuals love you are too easily get them to speak for themselves. They’ll leave the conversation knowing little about you; however, they feel nice about them. That’s specifically what sponsored Buzz feed Quizzes do! Everybody desires to understand what kind of Skittle or M&M they are.

 Sponsor city Maps

This advertising plan appears to be most helpful to tour bus firms and chain Italian restaurants. While you pack for travel, you rely on these handy freebies that were mostly on the market at train stations.
People carry these suckers everyplace. 

The maps are sometimes marked with the massive traveler attractions and business locations. If you bought the map from a bus service, all the bus stops would be marked.

Use the surroundings to Your Advantage

These artistic environmental ads are so cool. Not solely are they higher than boring billboards, they create a normal area into something funny or attention-grabbing for advertising functions. I personally want these artistic ads that came straight from the brain of a five-year-old.

Be Funny

Good and inventive ads have a foundation in general knowledge or shared humor. It’s like making an internal joke together with your prospective customers!

Work outside the Box

It’s a pleasant surprise to seek out billboards that aren’t simply a humdrum rectangle off the main road. Most likely the widest better-known is from Chik-fil-a, with cows graffitiing “Eat Mor Chikin” on a white signboard. There are many ways that to create your ads in 3D.

Let Others Advertise for you

This one is straightforward. In fact, it’s as simple as obtaining a snapchat filter or printing a large Instagram frame to permit individuals to take selfies along with your brand. It might be something that individuals would wish to take an image of or with, like an art installment.

Create an Instagram grid

Instagram grids are all regarding seeing the larger picture. Musicians tend to try and do this with album covers or brands can do it to announce pop-up retailers. The trick is to create every individual picture enticing additionally as the conglomerate.

Check out Street Art                  

It can be your favorite kind of artistic advertising. Usually referred to as “guerrilla advertising”, street art is often something from stickers to chalk art to graffiti. I prefer it because street art causes you to stop in your tracks, and will present another chance to own others advertise for you.

Invest in artistic Business Cards

Though you wouldn’t commonly look into business cards as an advert for your business, you should! There are loads of artistic concepts for business cards counting on what your profession is.

Show your creative aspect

There is something amazing regarding seeing ads that are so artistic, you wish to take an image and create it the wallpaper on your phone.

Inspire through Video

Inspirational commercials are a tried-and-true way to have individuals interact and share. a straightforward way to try this is to sponsor a charitable organization or a drive.

Try Misdirection

The ad below creative thinking grabs your attention with a lady in a swimsuit, however, is regarding illiteracy. Enticing graphics will create any kind of boring brand or topic straightforward to advertise. 

Go live on Facebook

Facebook  Live is getting additional popular, probably because the platforms are being aggressive regarding teaching users the way to broadcast live and alerting their connections once somebody is live. It’s an excellent way to show company culture and broadcast events.

Create an Instagram Journey

Done by Mercedes for the first time and it’s amazing. Somebody had to figure inexhaustibly to form this Instagram customization journey, making all types of accounts that are labeled together, lots of manual labor, but the result feels interactive and personalized.

Facebook is expanding its artificial intelligence-based suicideprevention efforts. The company said today that it has plans to eventually monitor and respond to suicidal intent on Facebook "worldwide," excluding the European Union.
Today, Facebook's vice president of product management Guy Rosenpublished a blog about the company's efforts to detect and report users who express "thoughts of suicide." The post states that Facebook is"[u]sing pattern recognition to detect posts or live videos where someone might be expressing thoughts of suicide, and to help respond to reports faster." But Rosen said the company is also relying on more human reviewers who investigate suicide- and self harm-related posts. This "Community Operations team" is comprised of thousands of workers, including a "dedicated group of specialists who have specific training in suicide and self harm." Reviewers use software that points them to portions of videos that have a spike in comments and reactions.
These workers also uses pattern-recognition software to determine what order they should review flagged posts and videos, and to determine which local authorities they should alert about potential suicide attempts. The flagging software looks for certain phrases, like "Can I help?" and "Are you ok?"
Facebook did not respond to a sliceyourlife request for more information on how the machine-learning software flags posts that might include suicidal thoughts, which could lead to people getting reported to their local authorities.
Facebook first announced in May that it was hiring 3,000 people to help monitor the social networking site for comments, posts, and videos about murder and suicide. Ryan Calo, a professor at University of Washington who specializes in cyber law and privacy, expressed concern to Reutersover the notion of Facebook scanning comments and posts for harmful activity. "Once you open the door, you might wonder what other kinds of things we would be looking for," Calo told Reuters.
Rosen wrote that, in the last month, Facebook connected with first responders on more than 100 cases stemming from suicide-related Facebook posts. That does not include the reports that Facebook has received from concerned users. Facebook also produced a video of police officers in Chautauqua County, New York, discussing a case in which a Facebook reported a post of a person threatening to commit suicide. According to the sheriff and deputy in the video, local authorities were able to track the person down through a "cellphone ping" and took her to a hospital.
Rosen wrote that Facebook is expanding its use of suicide-prevention AI outside of the United States and plans to eventually apply the system across the world, excluding the European Union. Facebook did not respond to a sliceyourlife request for information on what other countries will be included in this effort.
Are you someone who is suffering from some serious hair fall problem or are you someone who has very less hair? Well, don’t worry because here we are to help you like always. Today in this article we are going to list down some of the best and the most natural ways to grow your hair faster. 
But before everything let’s get one thing straight, your hair is not going to grow overnight and this process is going to take some time no matter what remedy you apply. So, if you are someone who is searching for ways to grow your hair within 4 to 5 days then trust me, its impossible, you would start seeing results within a month for sure but not before that.
So, here are those few natural ways through which you can get your desired length of hair. Take notes of what we are about to tell you.

1- Scissor is your best friend

Well, it's very ironic to say that the pair of scissors that you have in your home is your hair’s best friend. Confused on what we are saying? 
Well, we do have a explanation, what actually happens is that if you don’t get regular trims of your hair then eventually there are going to be so many split ends and split ends are the worst enemy of hair growth, they are the biggest hurdle in the growth process so if you actually want to see some length in your hair then you should pick that scissor up and trim your hair every now and then.

2- Don’t over-use shampoo

If you are using shampoo on daily basis then you are making one big mistake, you see there are different dangerous chemicals in shampoos that can totally destroy your hair and you won’t be able to do anything about it then. Using shampoo every day can dry up your hair and finish the scalp oil which is essential for hair growth. 
So, firstly, don’t shampoo daily and secondly, if you are buying a shampoo for your hair then make sure that it has safe ingredients in it. There is this chemical called sulfate which is quite dangerous to your hair so make sure that you are buying a sulfate free shampoo. Here are the Best Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner Product Reviews 2017 that can be of great aid to you.

3- Apply Oil

There are so many good companies that are providing natural oils which can be a great aid to your hair. The hair on your head is years and years old and they need to get moisturized every now and then which is why you should apply and oil masks to your hair at least once or twice a week in order to see quicker results. 
Note that the oil you apply on your hair must not be washed for at least 24 hours or 12 hours minimum, these oils require time to do their job completely on your hair and washing them off right after applying them won’t let you see any difference in your hair.

So, this is it for today. Stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more to talk about hair health and hair growth. Till then, keep sharing and keep reading our articles, we assure you that we will come up with some more interesting and useful articles for the next time.
Technology has a very vast range and the advances in the technology have revolutionized the way of communication and learning process in every aspect of the modern world. Technology is the most advanced medium to seek information and knowledge from anywhere you like. As a famous scientist said that one day the books will be obsolete and new ways of teaching and learning would be introduced. 
Today technology is improving the way of perceiving education. It provides a broader platform to collect more knowledge and information for educational purposes. A smartphone is one of the easily reachable consumer devices which helps the people of any age to gather all sorts of knowledge.
If you want to know more about the usage, benefits, and demerits of smartphone usage then you are in luck because “JnJ mobile” has done a survey and provided all the information in an infographic which you will surely find very useful. In this article, we will provide you all the information you need to know about the use of technology in the field of education. Technology can be used for educational purposes. 
We will also tell you everything about a whole range of technology which can be used for educating people on a larger scale with minimal usage of money. So, here are all the factors you need to know about the ways you can use technology for educational purposes and for other information transferring resources.  

Technology Empowering The Teachers

Technology is really helpful for the teachers nowadays. There are certain mediums from which a teacher can gather knowledge and provide it to it pupil. The latest technology allows the teachers to gain more efficiency with fewer resources. 
Teachers are also able to provide more understanding about the thing they are teaching to the students with the help of technology. The social connectivity platforms have also made the teacher capable of staying connected with its entire pupil. In this way, a teacher can guide his students in a proper way and provide them more knowledge with the help of technology.

Technology Used In School System

Technology has a much larger scope than we can ever imagine. School systems previously repel the idea of using technology in schools but now when they have seen the miracles of technology, they are diverting their thoughts towards the use of technology because it has more benefits than flaws. School systems are now advancing on a track of gaining new technology which works for their teachers and benefits their students without distraction them to other important things. 
Latest educational apps and grade wrote student work can be done with the help of latest technology. Technology can also help the school systems to provide lesson plan databases for the students and increases their convenience.
Technology Used In Gaining High-Level Information

The use of technology is the most important medium to gather information more conveniently. The latest technology allows everyone to gain more amount of technology you need for any purpose. The Internet is the biggest medium of gather technology from all over the world. It has everything from simple calculations and news to scientific journals and systematic research and their implementations for the betterment of the society the society. This medium can progressively be used by the students and the teachers as well to gather tons of information with the help of latest technology.

Technological Equipment and Benefits

There are a lot of technological pieces of equipment that plays an important role in spreading a large amount of information and assisting everyone to gain a large amount of knowledge and easing their way to gain more knowledge. 
Mobile phones are one of the basic media for the teachers and the students to gain knowledge related to anything on a remote approach. It is really beneficial if good use is done of it. Like mobile phones, there are a lot of technological devices which can help the students for educational purposes. 

Conclusion - Wrapping It Up!

These are all the important facts and observation on the bases of research of how technology can be used for education in a beneficial way. Technology provides a wide range of opportunities for the students and the teachers as well. I am sure you will love this article because it has all the latest and useful information you need to know about the use of technology in the field of education. I hope this article will clear all the doubt which are placed in your head. 
If you still have some queries or problems related to the article then feel free to ask us anything. We will be delighted to provide you all the answers to your queries and solution to your problems. We will give you all the answer to your problems in our upcoming articles. There is a whole range of new articles that are coming your way. So stay tuned for more updated and informative articles.