Attain both your goals by knowing about how to lose weight and build muscle simultaneously!

Yes, it is possible to lose weight and build your muscles at the same time, although the knowledge of the principles behind the biological procedures involved will be required for it to be acquired effectively.

There is much more to just losing weight and building muscle tissues than simply exercising or dieting. However, it is highly essential to consume the right diet and carry out the right exercises.
First thing, one or two facts: 

If you want the answer to the question how to lose weight and build muscle, then the first thing that you should know is that they can both be done at the same time, in fact, they should be done at the same time. The second thing is that it is not possible to alter lead into pure gold. 
They are totally different biological substances and one cannot alter to another no matter if you have read it somewhere that you can.
Now that such facts have been established, how exactly do you think you are going to lose weight and build muscles at the same time?

The essentiality of a calorie deficit

If you consume fewer calories or burn more calories then you will reach a stage where your body will be classified in the category of calorie deficit. That is if you have been able to burn more calories than you have consumed.

You are working out yet there are not sufficient calories included in your diet to offer sufficient energy for both of your metabolic needs and requirements and your work outs.
Your metabolic rate or need refers to the needed calories that provide energy for your breathing, heartbeat, central nervous system, digestion and much more.

The bodily processes that must function for you to live require that energy.
If you do aerobics, jog on a treadmill, swim, cycle or participate in any other form of sport or exercises that makes you breathe a lot and increases your heartbeat, then you use a lot of calories.
When you lift weights, then you use lot of calories and you also build your muscle tissues that will speed up your metabolism which in turn burns even more calories.

Losing fat and building muscles at the same time

You must have read it somewhere that you cannot lose weight and build your muscles but the fact is as mentioned earlier you can do both.
In certain ways, it is true that it can be tough to lose fat and build muscle but that only applies if you are a regular weightlifter or bodybuilder.

A lot has to be done with the density of the muscle and how much bulk of muscle you can build on the top of the muscles that you already have.
As explained, you require calories deficit to burn fat, if you consume calorie concentrated food like bread, potatoes, and ice creams and so on then you will have to do a lot of work out in order to create a calorie deficit, in order to gain muscles, you will need protein.

Intake protein supplements or even chickens, your digestive system will break the protein into carbohydrates for energy and the needed amino acid for building muscle fibres. The exercise of combining aerobic and anaerobic will get your blood flowing through your muscles and carry forward the amino acids to where they must be preset for the development of the muscles.

Intake the nutrients during your marvellous attempt to get the best of the both parts and you will be set on the right path to success! 
Apple on Tuesday released iOS 11.2.5, which is rolling out over the air right now. The latest update includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements, along with some new features designed to improve the overall experience.
One of the major improvements squashes a malicious link that would freeze the iPhone when clicked on. It’s unclear what else is new in Apple’s latest update, so we’ll be sure to update this post if anything significant pops up.
It doesn’t appear that iOS 11.2.5 includes iCloud Messages, which was delayed from iOS 11’s launch back in September of last year. Apple has yet to indicate when the feature will be available.
HomePod support
– Setup and automatically transfer your Apple ID, Apple Music, Siri and Wi-Fi settings to HomePod.
Siri News
– Siri can now read the news, just ask, “Hey Siri, play the news”. You can also ask for specific news categories including Sports, Business or Music.
Other improvements and fixes
– Addresses an issue that could cause the Phone app to display incomplete information in the call list – Fixes an issue that caused Mail notifications from some Exchange accounts to disappear from the Lock screen when unlocking iPhone X with Face ID – Addresses an issue that could cause Messages conversations to temporarily be listed out of order – Fixes an issue in CarPlay where Now Playing controls become unresponsive after multiple track changes – Adds ability for VoiceOver to announce playback destinations and AirPod battery level

Sleeping well is essential for the organism; it is one of the healthy life habits that we should not forget. Sleeping well is as important as eating a good diet or exercising, or drinking enough water. A restful sleep has physical and psychic benefits that contribute to our well-being and improve our quality of life. However, there are many people who do not sleep well, and this can have serious consequences for their health.  

Sleeping well guarantees more important results than just removing unsightly bags under the eyes. Allowing the body to rest between 7 and 8 hours a day allows a person to maintain a good quality of life and enjoy great health, both physical and mental. 

On the other hand, sleeping less than 7 hours and more than 9 hours can be counterproductive. By having fewer hours of sleep, the body will not be alert enough to perform daily tasks. 

And sleeping more does not guarantee to have more energy when waking; on the contrary, doing it continuously can lead to cardiovascular problems. There have even been studies that indicate that sleeping more or less than 8 hours a day decreases the years of life.

Good Memory and Mental Ability

Although many people tend to stay up late and, after resting a few hours, return to their obligations, it is quite likely that they perform their activities with less dexterity. Being sleepy during the day causes low retention of information, poor performance in work or studies, slow reactions and greater tendency to be distracted.

Development of Creativity

Just as in sleep cognitive restoration occurs, the mind is also strengthened. The rest produces a cerebral reorganization, which allows having more clear what one wishes to do. During the day there are many ideas and knowledge that are acquired, so a few hours of sleep allow the restructuring of ideas and the development of creativity.

Fight diseases and maintain good health

Sleeping well can avoid heart disease, inflammation (related to heart problems and arthritis), increased pressure, kidney disease, diabetes and fertility problems. Sleeping at least 8 hours a day reduces the risk of heart disease by 65% and up to 83% the risk of death from a cardiovascular accident, according to data from the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC). Fewer hours of sleep affect the immune system, so if a person has a disease and does not get enough sleep, recovery will be slower. Even, the quality of sleep allows you to lose weight. 

An investigation by the University of Chicago (United States) found that those who sleep at their hours manages to lose excess fat, while those who sleep badly lose muscle mass. This is due to an alteration of the hormones due to lack of sleep. With fewer hours of rest, the hormones that cause you to feel hungry increase, while the hormones that determine that your appetite has been satiated decrease. Therefore, people who sleep less than 8 hours are prone to obesity. The fact of sleeping well with having a longer life is related. 

The truth is that sleep well allows you to enjoy good health, therefore, away diseases that deteriorate the body, allowing you to live quietly. Moreover, People who sleep more hours have a higher concentration of leukocytes in the blood and suffer fewer infections. When we are sick we need to repair our defenses through sleep. One way to avoid colds is to rest properly at night. The immune system of a rested person can create a stronger response to the invasion of viruses and bacteria.

Better physical prowess

It is important, even more for athletes, to rest enough, since it is in a deep sleep that physical recovery takes place. This non-REM sleep tends to increase when more physical exhaustion is experienced. 

In this case, athletes would be an exception to the rule of 8 hours a day, since to experience greater physical activity, they may even need between 10 and 13 hours of sleep depending on the exercises that have been performed.

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The World Health Organization is on the verge of officially recognizing a phenomenon that researchers have been studying since the Super Nintendo era: video game addiction. Scientists and public health advocates who back the move say that compulsive video-game playing is a discrete disorder that can seriously damage a person's mental and physical health. But other experts say that classifying a common behavior like gaming as a potential disease is scientifically unsound and might even repopularize an old stigma against gamers.
Since 2011 , the WHO has been publicly working to develop the 11th edition of its International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codebook, a handy guide used by doctors and hospitals around the world to diagnose and keep track of most every illness and injury under the sun. Similarly, insurance companies rely on ICD codes when deciding whether to cover a particular treatment. This December, the WHO added the code "gaming disorder" onto the beta draft of the ICD-11, which has been made available online.
The WHO's proposed definition of gaming disorder , nestled under a larger umbrella of disorders caused by behavioral or drug addiction, describes it as "a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior" that takes over someone's life-to the point they can hardly think of or do anything else-and causes negative social consequences. That can include ruining relationships, job prospects, or school performance. Lastly, it says this pattern should at least last for 12 months or more to be diagnosable, but that the "required duration may be shortened" if symptoms are severe enough.
Another proposed code for "hazardous gaming" refers to "gaming, either online or offline that appreciably increases the risk of harmful physical or mental health consequences to the individual or to others around this individual."
But how harmful is even the most excessive game-playing? There's no shortage of stories of people's gaming habits getting out of control and becoming unhealthy, particularly in Asian countries where the culture has treated video games like a national sport. For instance, in January 2015, two men in Taiwan died -weeks apart-after days-long gaming binges at an internet cafe. And in America earlier this year, a 35-year-old Virginia mandied of a heart attack near the end of a 24-hour gaming marathon being streamed online via Twitch.
The WHO isn't the only organization to consider label for video game addiction. In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association placed "Internet Gaming Disorder" on a list of conditions to keep an eye on when they released the 5th edition of their codebook, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. This classification means the condition could be officially recognized in future editions, if later research verified its existence.
It's clear that compulsive gaming, like compulsive gambling, uncontrollable drug use, or any other obsessive behavior, can be harmful. The controversy (and it's quite heated) comes in when deciding whether or not gaming could truly become a health disorder. Critics of the WHO decision like Chris Ferguson, a psychology professor at Stetson University in Florida who has studied how video games affect society, say we still haven't come close to demonstrating that video game addiction could be a "real" mental illness in the same sense as schizophrenia or depression.

"This was a very poorly thought out decision [by the WHO]," Ferguson told me in an email. "The evidence we now have suggests that 'gaming disorder' is merely symptomatic of other, underlying mental health problems and that gaming is often used as a coping mechanism for these problems."
"Undoubtedly some people overdo games just as they overdo food, sex, work, dance, etc., but there's no real rationale for an independent gaming disorder diagnosis," Ferguson said.
Another critic, Espen Aarseth, a professor of game studies at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, said a major flaw underlying the study of video game addiction is that researchers have historically treated it like drug addiction, especially in the checklist of symptoms and survey questions they use to diagnose it. These checklists, he says, "are not suited to uncover any real addiction to purely recreational, cultural, social activities." Unlike heroin, he said, just about everyone has played video games at one point in their lives.
Andrew Przybylski, an experimental psychologist at the University of Oxford, said that, at best, video game addiction could be seen as a subset of gambling addiction. But Przybylski said there have been no careful, high-quality science comparing the two, a problem, he adds, that plagues the entire field of video game addition research.
As an example, Przybylski points out that research into how common video game addiction is often relies on surveys of Reddit users or other online samples. And he notes that there's no still clear consensus on how to even diagnose video game addiction: Different researchers use different criteria, which leads to estimated rates of addiction among regular gamers that range from 0.5 percent to over 40 percent . "We are missing rigorous, open, and preregistered science," he told me. "We need open science, good samples, and to stop sensationalizing our work for university press releases."
In 2016, Ferguson, Aarseth, and Przybylski were among 26 researchers tosend an open letter to the WHO, after a proposal to include "gaming disorder" in the ICD-11 first emerged online. Along with the above criticisms, the letter warned that even proposing video game addiction as a diagnosis would only stigmatize video games for the millions of kids (and increasingly older adults) who play them.

Ferguson believes the WHO's decision was motivated not only by science but politics as well. As proof, he cites an email discussion he had with Vladimir Pozynakv, the technical lead on the ICD-11 proposals for Disorders Due to Substance Use and Addictive Behaviors. In one email, Pozynakv described fielding strong requests "from our stakeholders to take into consideration the health aspects of excessive gaming[.]" A similar email sent to Ferguson by another WHO official discusses the "enormous pressure, especially from Asian countries, to include this," seemingly in reference to the proposed condition.
But Pozynakv denies any characterization of the WHO being influenced by politics in deciding to code video gaming addiction. He said it was in fact the DSM inclusion in 2013 that sparked the WHO into investigating whether gaming disorder should be part of ICD-11, and that the WHO ultimately decided to recognize it following extensive consultations among WHO researchers, as well as the collective recommendation of experts brought together by the organization through working groups.
"I can tell you, and this should be considered a statement, that there was no formal pressure or any formal communication from any WHO member states regarding the inclusion of gaming disorder onto the ICD-11," Pozynakv told me over the phone. "What indeed took place is that in a number of countries, there was a concern expressed by public health officials, by clinicians, by other health professionals, about the individuals who suffer from this disorder. And about the implications this condition could have on other domains of health; on family functioning, social functioning, etc."
"[Any formal pressure] did not happen. It did not take place," Pozynakv emphasized.
And while Pozynakv acknowledged there are still swirling debates about the ins-and-outs of gaming disorder, he noted that plenty of researchers have defended the WHO's decision and rebutted the arguments made by Ferguson and others.
That includes Mark Griffiths, a researcher at the International Gaming Research Unit and Professor of Gambling Studies at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, who was one of the first people to ever study gaming addiction in the 1990s.
Griffiths agrees that we need to nail down how to better diagnose video game addiction, even arguing recently that there's still no scientific consensus. But in a paper addressing the criticisms by Ferguson and others, he and his colleagues argued the science underlying video game addiction has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years-now incorporating research showing it can be found in countries across the world and brain-imaging data that suggests it might manifest similarly to drug addiction. Griffiths also pointed out there are already clinics (in countries including South Korea ) that are treating people whose gaming habits are hurting themselves and others around them, indicating the importance of a concrete diagnosis that patients and doctors can use.
"I have published more papers on video game addiction than anyone else in the world so I am absolutely behind this decision as it validates my three decades of research in this area," Griffiths told me in an email. "As far as I am concerned there is more than enough evidence that it exists."
Despite the ongoing dispute, both sides agree that unhealthy gaming shouldn't be seen as something that affects anything more than a slim minority of gamers.
"It's similar to what we have with gambling, alcohol use, tobacco use, etc. People who drink alcohol, most of them don't have any signs of alcohol use disorder; people who buy lottery tickets, most of them don't have anything close to gambling disorder. So we are not at all pathologizing normal behaviors," Pozynakv of WHO said. "We are talking about a very specific condition, with specific criteria. And only a very small proportion-probably no more than one percent of some populations-who would qualify for the disorder out of all gamers."
The ICD-11, and its inclusion of gaming disorder, is expected to officially debut next year, though it may take years before most countries exclusively use it. But as to whether video game addiction can be considered a disease akin to alcoholism, it's unlikely that even a WHO-endorsed label will settle the fierce debate.
Strong leadership is a specific skill which is required to lead or make things work whether you are related to any profession and along with this, there are also many skills and aspects which should be developed or hinder upon in order to run a successful business. There is a whole bunch of barriers which businessmen face when they start a business or running it for a very long time.
The most basic thing which a businessman face when running a successful business is to manage the cash flow of the profit he earns from that business. Mostly this happens and businessmen invest their money on less productive things and increase their liabilities resulting in a loss to the business but now we have found out a solution to this problem for you.
So, if you want the perfect management of your cash flow and all the payrolls then vtacpayroll management system the best option for you. In this article, we will provide you all the important and beneficial information about the strategies for businessmen to run the businesses successfully and we will provide you a short guide for the strategies for businessmen. There is a wide range of certain points which should be kept under consideration as they are really important for the business and helps the businessman to run his business accurately and successfully.
We will provide you a guide which will include a list of strategies which will surely help the businessman to securely run his business and if a businessman follows this short guide he will surely be able to make and maintain a good business empire successfully.  So here is a short guide in which all the important elements are listed which is essential to keep in mind for every businessman. 

Market segmentation

It is the most important and the key point which you should hinder upon when starting a business or wants to run any business successfully. Customers and the audience is the most important thing for any business and targeting the right customers to target is the main goal.
You have to find your expertise and then work on them in setting your place in the market select the suitable audience for your services and products and work on attracting them the most to expand and run your business successfully.

Be Honest

Another strategy for the businessmen for maintaining their business successfully is, to be honest with the services they are providing and never to tell more than they can provide to their customers because if you will not be able to provide the stuff or services you promise your customers then the image of the business you are running and its reliability decreases which result in the loss of your customers and also in your business. Openly provide all the information about the products and the services you provide and let the game begin.

Hire Critically

Hiring critically is a really important strategy to keep in mind for a businessman because appointing the right and efficient people who are specialized for the job makes your job easy, decrease your work and also increase the productivity so that your business can flourish to new levels of success. 
In order to run a successful business, you need to follow some certain rules to make it exceptional and better from all your competitors so that more people prefer your business rather than others and for this purpose, you need to follow all the strategies and rules enlisted in this short guide. I am sure you will love all these strategies and will follow them to make your business successful. 
I hope this article will help you to clear all the ambiguities present in your mind related to the strategies and techniques for the businessmen but is there is still anything left unclear then you can freely ask us anything you deem necessary to about.

We will provide all the solutions related to your queries in our next article so be ready for more information and updated articles are on their way to you.  
Brake boxes play a vital role in the smooth running of a car. The brake box, which is the main part of the brake system, depends on a few components, which are: brake liquid, brake pedal, brake calipers, wheel cylinders, etc. There are primarily two types of braking systems. 

The Brake Types

Brake types include disc brake system, and drum brake system. The disc brake system consists of disc brake pads, rotor, wheel bearings, disc assembly, caliper assembly, etc. In this system, hoses, tubes and valves connect the calipers to the master cylinder, and the brake fluid passes through this connection. 
Another type is drum brake system which comprises backing plate and drum, brake shoes, wheel bearings, axle assembly, wheel cylinder. In this braking system the master cylinder and the wheel cylinder are connected together through hoses, valves and tubes through which the brake fluid passes. 
These are the types of braking systems that play an important role in a vehicle.  Apart from this, there are two important components which needs attentions. They are the brake fluid and the brake pedal. 

#1. The Brake Fluid

It is the component which is used in the brake pedal, which basically transfers force into pressure and is passed through the all the components of the brake box system to the engine to stop the car from running. It is the fluid, which builds the pressure with its hydraulic system. 

#2. The Brake Pedals

The brake pedal is a stable surface that support your feet, and are pressed by feet to apply brakes partially or fully. It is one of the very important parts of the brake box, which comes in direct contact with the automobile driver, and works as per its condition and how a user maintains it. 

#3. The Brake Box

These are all the important components that the brakes box consists of. The brake box plays a vital part in a car, and the safety of an automobile totally depends on this element. Any problem with any component of the brake box can be fatal, and can cause serious problems and even an accident as well. To ensure the safety of a car, driver and passenger, longevity of the components, it is recommended to get it checked at regular intervals from a reputed service provider. 

Come Brakes Box Trouble Signals

Here are some signals to indicate that when there is a problem with the brake box, and they are as follows: 
  • Noisy brakes, especially when there is a grinding or scraping sound
  • If the copper content in brake fluid after testing is present more than 200ppm
  • When a brake pedal has a soft and spongy feel to it
  • When you apply brakes, the car pulls to one side
  • If the level of brake fluid is low in master cylinder after testing
  • The indicator lamp of brake system is on 
In all these situations, one or more components of the brake system may need a check or repair. If the copper content in brake fluid is high, fluid will have to be changed. If the brake pedal is soft, it will have to be changed. And similarly, all such things that are different from usual need to be checked and changed when screeching noises and troubles accompany the running of the car while braking. 


Brakes box checking can be done at any service station. But an extensive check is normally not done along with routine vehicle checkups. For this, you will have to contact with a service station which claims to be expert in brake box treatments.

Toyota, the Japanese automaker brings in the facelifted version of its large sedan, the Toyota Corolla Altis in India. The demand for the D-segment cars has fallen in the recent years, as the taste of Indians is shifting towards SUVs gradually. But there are still a few cars that have created a stable demand for themselves, and the Corolla Altis is undoubtedly one of them.

Toyota Corolla Altis has been a top seller in the D-segment, ever since its launch in India. Despite the presence of some of the premium cars like Hyundai Elantra and Skoda Octavia, this exciting offering from the Japanese manufacturer has been reporting a decent sales figure.

Now, with the 2018 Toyota Corolla Altis making its way to India, it seems to have gone through several upgrades visually along with a bunch of additions to the feature list. Let’s know more about this updated premium car from Toyota.

Exterior design

Visually, the Toyota Corolla Altis facelift retains its classy look, while positive changes can be easily noticed from the outset of the car. It has received a completely revised front fascia, which flaunts new Bi-Beam LED headlamp with LED daytime running lights, wider radiator grille with chrome outline, newly designed front bumper and a sporty bonnet. The side profile of the car is almost similar to the outgoing model with minimum body lines and sports the new set of alloy wheels.

Towards the rear, the sedan bears LED tail lamps and the roof of the car slopes down to the rear, as it does not feature any rear spoiler. The changes made are substantially minimal but are quite impactful to enhance the looks of the car. The update brings in a new colour variant of Phantom Brown to the existing colour schemes.

Interior features

Inside the new Corolla Altis, you will find every possibility of comfort along with advanced technical features which offer an enhanced driving experience. Thanks to the premium touch everywhere that it feels extremely blissful to be inside the car on a long journey. The seats are wrapped in high-quality leathers, which offer comfortable and spacious seats to accommodate five adults.

The dashboard is finely finished in good material, which feels soft on touch and features a dual colour scheme, including black and beige. It features a 4.2-inch MID instrument console with updated software, which informs many things about the present condition of the car including speed and fuel indicator. Moreover, the presence of a touchscreen infotainment system with navigation and other features adds to the enhanced experience of the ride.

Coming to the safety of the car, it packs seven airbags in total, automatic climate control, reverse parking sensor, steering-mounted controls, ABS with EBD, traction and cruise control. However, the update misses out on rear AC vents, sunroof and ventilated seats.

The power mechanism

The 2018 Toyota Corolla Altis continues to be powered by the same engine mechanism under the hood. It is available in both diesel and petrol engine options. The petrol version features a 1.8-litre, four-cylinder engine that manages to produce a maximum power output of 138 bhp at 6,400 revolutions per minute against a peak torque of 173 Nm at 4,000 revolutions per minute. On the other hand, the diesel model is powered by a 1.4-litre engine that manages to churn out a maximum power output of 87 bhp. The transmission option includes a six-speed manual and a seven-speed automatic gearbox that transfers the power to the wheels. In terms of fuel-efficiency, the sedan continues to retain a mileage of 16.5 kmpl in the city, which rises to 19 kmpl on the highways.

The most reliable premium car

The price of the Toyota Corolla Altis facelift is most likely to fall in the range of Rs.18.74 lakh (ex-showroom) to 23.39 lakhs (ex-showroom), which is slightly on the higher-end from the existing models. It continues to stand firm against the likes of Hyundai Elantra and Skoda Octavia in the D-segment sedan in India. You can compare the features of these cars against that of the Toyota Corolla Altis on

The Toyota Corolla Altis continues to be the top model of its league. The major reason behind the success of the previous models has been the simplicity in design along with an exciting list of goodies to enhance driveability. It excels in the areas of practicality, space, comfort, ease of use and superior driving dynamics, which is why it has been the most reliable premium car for the Indians for years and the facelift does justice to all these undoubtedly.