yea ho finally we are coming to our intresting topic which is well known to us yes it is social networkings, we are much addicted to the these kind of things because this things really entertain us. but some people use this for getthering information, i hope me to using these kind of things to gather information and to share everyt one,u would have noted in my site many social icons,sider bar,subcription,like and so, why why why......! why i have added these things i 'll say u the purpose of adding these things in my website is that u people will share about my site and it would have reached all the people in the actually spread the the things like fire so thats why its faster. see below what are these uses
name list of social networking sites:

NameDescription/focusDate launchedRegistered usersRegistrationGlobalAlexa[1]page ranking
43 ThingsGoal setting and achievement1 January 20053,000,000[2]Closed12,914[3]
Academia.eduSocial networking site for academics/researchersSeptember 200818,000,000[4]Open824[5]
About.meSocial networking siteOctober 20095,000,000[6]Open1,447
AdvogatoFree and open source software developers199913,575[7]Open292,620[8]
AsianAvenueA social network for the Asian American community1997Open170,384[10]
aSmallWorldEuropean jet set and social elite world-wideMarch 2004550,000[11]Invite-only580,060[12]
AthlinksRunning, swimming2001139,458[13]Open69,170[14]
Audimated.comIndependent music2010Open656,507[15]
BeboGeneralJuly 2005117,000,000[16]Open to people 13 and older4,169[17]
Biip.noNorwegian community1 June 2005430,000[18]Requires Norwegian phone number81,916[19]
BlackPlanetBlack Americans1 September 199920,000,000[20]Open7,193[21]
BusuuLanguage learning community (headquartered in Madrid, Spain)16 May 200812,000,000[23]Open4,976[24]
BuzznetMusic and pop-culture200510,000,000[25]Open6,955[26]
CafeMomMothersDecember 20061,250,000[27]Open to moms and moms-to-be1,293[28]
Care2Green living and social activism19989,961,947[29]Open1,930[30]
CaringBridgeNot for profit providing free websites that connect family and friends during a serious health event, care and recovery.[31]19979,500,000[32]Open to people 18 and older[33]4,279[34]
Classmates.comSchool, college, work and the military199550,000,000[35]Open to people 18 and older[36]3,284[37]
CloobGeneral. Popular in Iran2004Open749[38]
ClusterFlunkAmerican network for students to share files with their peers2012545,917[39]
CouchSurfingWorldwide network for making connections between travelers and the communities they visit.20032,967,421[40]Open2,231[41]
CozyCotEast Asian and Southeast Asian women2001150,000[42]Open36,959[43]
Cross.tvFaith-based social network for Christian believers from around the world2008450,000[44]Open53,394[45]
CrunchyrollAnime and forums.2006Open5,721[46]
CucumbertownNetworking for cooks2012Open175,796[47]
CyworldGeneral. Popular in South Korea.199924,000,000[48]Open1,616[49]
DailyBoothPhoto-blogging site where users upload a photo every day13 February 2009Closed5,963[50]
DailyStrengthMedical & emotional support community - physical health, mental health, support groups4 November 2007Open10,511[51]
deliciousSocial bookmarking allowing users to locate and save websites that match their own interestsSeptember 20038,822,921[52]Open436[53]
DeviantArtArt community7 August 200026,000,000[54]Open to people 13 and older131[55]
Diaspora*Decentralized, privacy aware, general (open source)November 2010370,000+[n 1][56]Open36,792[n 2][57]
DisaboomPeople with disabilities (amputees, cerebral palsy, MS, and other disabilities)2007Open218,135[58]
Dol2dayPolitic community, social network, Internet radio (German-speaking countries)15 May 200040,200[59]Open385,237[60]
DontStayInClubbing (primarily UK)April 2003Open86,535[61]
Draugiem.lvGeneral (primarily LVLTHU)April 24, 20042,600,466[62]Invitation only2,698[63]
doubanChinese Web 2.0 website providing user review and recommendation services for movies, books, and music.200546,850,000[64]Open106[65]
DoximityU.S. Physicians and medical doctors.2011400,000[66]U.S. physicians only27,539[67]
DXY.cnChinese online community for physicians, health care professionals, pharmacies and facilities2000[69]2,000,000[70]Open8,367[71]
ElftownCommunity and wiki around fantasy and sci-fi.Feb 2002185,000[72]Open, approval needed43,277[73]
ElloGeneralMarch 2014[74][75]Invite only while in beta106,782[76]
ElixioBusiness executives jet set and global elite.July 200780,000[77]Invite-only545,268[78]
English, baby!Students and teachers of English as a second language20001,600,000[79]Open29,585[80]
EpernicusFor research scientistsOpen798,086[81]
Eons.comFor baby boomers and mature internet users age 40 and beyond.Jul 2006Open to people age 40 years and older73,767[82]
eToroSocial investing, financeMay 20072,500,000[citation needed]Open1,591[83]
Experience ProjectLife experiences2007Open2,658[84]
ExplorooTravel social networking.12 May 2009Open163,545[85]
FacebookGeneral: photos, videos, blogs, apps.February 20041,280,000,000[86]Open to people 13 and older2[87]
FacepartyGeneral. Popular UK.2000200,000[88]Invitation only to people 18 and older163,639[89]
FetlifePeople who are into BDSMJanuary 20082,701,715[90]Open to people "of legal age to see adult content"4,131[91]
FilmAffinityMovies and TV series2002250,000[92]Open3,151[93]
FilmowMovies and TV series2009Open44,630[94]
FledgeWingEntrepreneurial community targeted towards worldwide university studentsFeb 2009Open to university students696,513[95]
FlixsterMovies200763,000,000[96]Open to people 13 and older4,012[97]
FlickrPhoto sharing, commenting, photography related networking, worldwideFebruary 200432,000,000[98]Open to people 13 and older (Yahoo! Login)48[99]
Focus.comBusiness-to-business, worldwide2005850,000[100]Open to people 13 and older12,114[101]
FotkiPhoto sharing, video hosting, photo contests, journals, forums, flexible privacy protection, friend's feed, audio comments and unlimited custom design integration.October 19981,632,565Open8,011[102]
FotologPhotoblogging. Popular in South America and Spain200220,000,000[103]Open3,168[104]
FoursquareLocation based mobile social network200920,000,000[105]Open817[106]
FriendicaDistributed, federated, privacy aware, open source, generalJuly 2010Open354,946[107][n 2]
Friends ReunitedUK based. School, college, work, sport and streetsJuly 200019,000,000[108]Open to people 13 and older29,239[109]
FriendsterGeneral. Popular in Southeast Asia. No longer popular in the western world200290,000,000[110]Open to people 16 and older.12,167[111]
FuelmyblogBlogging communityJuly 200750,000[112]Open85,547[113]
Gaia OnlineAnime and games. Popular in USA, Canada and Europe. Moderately popular around Asia.23,523,663[114]Open to people 13 and older6,277[115]
GamerDNAComputer and video games21 September 2006310,000[116]Open59,730[117]
Gapyear.comTravel social networkJuly 1998Open74,763[118]
Gather.comArticle, picture, and video sharing, as well as group discussions25 Feb 2005465,000[119]Open3,062[120]
Gays.comSocial network for LGBT community, guide for LGBT bars, restaurants, clubs, shopping16 May 2008100,000[121]Open, global224,302[122]
Geni.comFamilies, genealogy16 January 200715,000,000[123]Open5,958[124]
GentlemintCommunity for sharing and discussing all things manly25 November 2011Open100,196[125]
GetGlueSocial network for entertainment.28 October 20082,000,000[126]Open3,735[127]
GogoyokoFair play in music - social networking site for musicians and music lovers.1 Oct 2009Invite only while in beta145,552[128]
GoodreadsLibrary cataloging, book lovers.December 200613,000,000[129]Open327[130]
GoodwizzSocial network with matchmaking and personality games to find new contacts. Global, based in France.October 2010110,000[131][132]Open597,008[133]
Google+General28 June 20111,600,000,000[134]Open to people 13 and older[135]NA[n 3]
GovLoopFor people in and around government.May 2008138,576[136]
Grono.netPoland2,000,000[citation needed]Open395,036[137]
HabboGeneral for teens. Over 31 communities worldwide. Chat room and user profiles.August 2000268,000,000[138][139][140]Open to people 13 and older15,255[141]
hi5General. Popular in NepalMongoliaThailandRomaniaJamaica,Central AfricaPortugal and Latin America. Not very popular in theUSA.200380,000,000[142]Open to people 13 and older.902[143]
Hospitality ClubHospitality328,629[144]Open99,562[145]
HotlistGeo-social aggregator rooted in the concept of knowing where users' friends are, were, and will be.80,000[146]Open155,811[147]
HR.comSocial networking site for human resources professionals.1999194,000[148]Open79,591[149]
Hub CultureGlobal influencers focused on worth creation.November 200220,000[150]Invite-only152,756[151]
HyvesGeneral, mostly popular in the Netherlands.September 200410,097,000[152]Open2,243[153]
IbiboTalent based social networking site that allows to promote one's self and also discover new talent. Most popular in India.3,500,000[154]Open1,143[155]
Identi.caTwitter-like service popular with hackers and software freedom advocates.395,695[citation needed]Open7,290[156]
Indaba MusicOnline collaboration for musicians, remix contests, and networking.350,000[157]Open, global45,039[158]
InfluensterOnline product sampling and review platform.2010850,000[159]Open, global8,612[160]
InstagramA photo and video sharing site.October 2010300,000,000[161]Open to anyone 13 or older41
IRC-GalleriaFinland505,000[162]Open to Finnish speaking people 12 and older36,982[163]
italki.comLanguage learning social network. 100+ languages.500,000[164]Open, global18,956[165]
ItsmyMobile community worldwide, blogging, friends, personal TV-shows2,500,000[166]770,100[167]
iWiWHungary14 April 20024,000,000[168]Invite-only3,831[169]
JaikuGeneral. Microblogging. Owned by GoogleFebruary 2006Open to people 13 and older62,910[170]
JiepangLocation-based mobile social network. In Chinese language20103,000,000[171]Open14,790[172]
Kaixin001General. In Simplified Chinese; caters for mainland China usersOpen to the general public284[173]
KiwiboxGeneral.19992,400,000[174]Open to people 13 and older104,563[175]
LafangoTalent-focused media sharing siteOpen, global161,778[176]
LaiBhaariMarathi social networking2010250,000Open952,782[177]
LibraryThingBook lovers29 August 20051,300,000[180]Open to people 13 and older10,800[181]
LifeknotShared interests, hobbiesOpen to people 18 and older1,071,686[182]
LinkedInBusiness and professional networkingMay 2003200,000,000[183]Open to people 18 and older12[184]
LinkExpatsSocial networking website for expatriates. 100+ countries.Open, global800,451[185]
ListographyLists. AutobiographyOpen92,525[186]
LiveJournalBlogging. Popular in Russia and among the Russian-speaking diaspora abroad.15 April 199917,564,977[187]Open (OpenID)115[188]
LivemochaOnline language learning5,000,000[189]Open4,100[190]
MakeoutclubGeneral9 August 1999Open756,300[191]
Meetup (website)General. Used to plan offline meetings for people interested in various activitiesOpen to people 18 and older481[193]
MeetthebossBusiness and finance community, worldwide.Open315,513[194]
MillatFacebookGeneral, created in response to Facebook [195]May 2010461,200[196]Open236,663[197]
mixiJapan25 October 200024,323,160[198]Open232[199]
MocoSpaceMobile community, worldwide20053,000,000[200]Open to people 14 and older9,882[201]
MOGMusicOpen to people 14 and older13,955[202]
MouthShut.comSocial network, social media, consumer reviewsOpen3,340[203]
MubiAuteur cinema200,000Open18,225[204]
MyHeritageFamily-oriented social network service30,000,000 [205]Open3,756[206]
MyLifeLocating friends and family, keeping in touch (formerly,000,000[207]Open1,765[208]
My OperaBlogging, mobile blogging, photo sharing, connecting with friends,Opera Link and Opera Unite. Global7,300,000[209]ClosedNA[n 3]
MyspaceGeneralAugust 200330,000,000+[210][211]Open to ages 13 and older.161[212]
Nasza-klasa.plSchool, college and friends. Popular in Poland11,000,000[213]Open75,145[214]
NetlogGeneral. Popular in Europe, Turkey, the Arab world and Canada's Québec province. Formerly known as Facebox and Redbox.[215]95,000,000[216]Open to people 13 and older545[217]
NexopiaCanada1,400,000[218]Open to people 13 and older[219]25,241[220]
NGO PostNon-profit news sharing and networking, mainly in India15,000[221]Open42,076[222]
NingUsers create their own social websites and social networks2005 (Networks 2007)Open to people 13 and older378[223]
OdnoklassnikiConnect with old classmates. Popular in Russia and former Soviet republics45,000,000[224]Open65[225]
Open DiaryFirst online blogging community, founded in 199819985,000,000[226]Open to people 13 and older28,134[227]
OrkutGeneral. Owned by Google Inc. Popular in India and Brazil.[228]22 January 2004100,000,000[229]Closed319[230]
OUTeverywhereGay/LGBTQ communityOpen445,440[231]
PatientsLikeMeOnline community for patients with life-changing illnesses to find other patients like them, share their data with others, and learn more about their condition to improve their outcome.2006109,587[232]Open to people 13 years and up69,514[233]
PartyflockDutch virtual community for people interested in house music and other electronic dance music.10 November 2001321,125Open to people 18 years and up16,828[234]
PingstaCollaborative platform for the world's internetwork expertsInvite-only, only Internet experts2,533,640[235]
PinterestOnline pinboard for organizing and sharing things you love2011Open38[236]
PlayfireComputer and video gamesOpen to people 13 and older38,259[239]
Playlist.comGeneral, musicOpen to people over 138,026[240]
PlurkMicro-blogging, RSS, updates. Very popular in TaiwanOpen1,991[241]
PoolwoSocial networking site from India7 January 201412,350[242]Open764,227[243]
QapacityA business-oriented social networking site and a business directoryClosed20,640[244]
QuechupGeneral, friendship, dating2007Open to those over 1682,914[245]
QzoneGeneral. In Simplified Chinese; caters for mainland China users480,000,000[246][247]Open to the general publicNA[n 3]
RaptrVideo gamesOpen25,664[248]
RavelryKnitting and crochet3,000,000[249]Open2,334[250]
RenrenSignificant site in China. Was known as 校内 (Xiaonei) until August 2009.160,000,000[251]Open95[252]
ReverbNation.comSocial network for musician and bands500,000[253]Open to people 16 and older1,806[254]
ScienceStageScience-oriented multimedia platform and network for scientistsOpen61,668[257]
SgrouplesGeneral, with focus on privacy rights16 May 2012Open258,091[258]
ShareTheMusicMusic community. Sharing and listening to music for free and legallyOpen612,429[259]
ShelfariBooks11 October 2006Open18,152[260]
Sina WeiboSocial microblogging site in mainland China.14 August 2009300,000,000[261]Open28[262]
SkoobCollaborative social network for Brazilian readers2009420,000[263]Open28,449[264]
SkyrockSocial network in French-speaking world22,000,000[265]Open710[266]
SmarticanOpen social networking portal31 January 2013260,000[267]Open26,458[268]
SocialVibeSocial network for charity435,000[citation needed]Open101,364[269]
Sonico.comGeneral. Popular in Latin America and Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions.50,000,000[270][271]Open to people 13 and older2,676[272]
SoundCloudRepository of original music pieces and networking.10,000,000[273]Open299[274]
SpacesRussian social network targeted to mobile phone usersOpen9,953[275]
Spot.IMA service for webmasters to add social networking functionality to their websites2012250,000[276]Open68,016[277]
Spring.meSocial network for meeting peopleSeptember 2013Open to people 13 and older4,967[278]
Stage 32US-based social network and educational site for creative professionals in film, television and theaterFebruary 2012175,000[citation needed]35,382[279]
StickamLive video streaming and chat.9,000,000[280]Closed9,201[281]
StudiVZUniversity students, mostly in the German-speaking countries. School students and those out of education sign up via its partner sites schülerVZ and meinVZ.17,000,000[282]Open7,080[283]
Students Circle NetworkA social network connecting students, teachers and institutions to course resources, study groups and learning spaces.December 2010Open345,110[284]
StumbleUponStumble through websites that match users' selected interests20,000,000[285]Open146[286]
TaggedGeneral.October 2004100,000,000[287]Open288[288]
TalkbiznowBusiness networkingOpen136,346[289]
TaltopiaOnline artistic communityOpen281,501[290]
Taringa!General (primarily Argentina)11,000,000[291]Open to people 13 and older214[292]
TeachStreetEducation / learning / teaching - more than 400 subjectsOpen422,704[293]
TermWikiLearning / languages / translation - 1.2 million terms in more than 1300 subjectsMay 2010Open22,997[294]
The SphereA private online social luxury network with exclusive personalized servicesDecember 20081,300[295]Invite-only1,115,305[296]
TravBuddy.comTravel20051,588,000[297]Open to people 18 and older21,523[298]
Trombi.comFrench subsidiary of Classmates.com4,400,000[303]16,227[304]
TuentiSpanish-based university and high school social network.12,000,000[305]Open16,484[306]
TumblrMicroblogging platform and social networking website.February 2007226,950,000[307]Open41[308]
TwitterGeneral. Micro-blogging, RSS, updates15 July 2006645,750,000[309]Open to all ages [310]8[311]
TyltedMobile social game network[312]20073,000,000[313]Open to people 14 and older737,508[314]
VKGeneral, including music upload, listening and search. Popular in Russia and former Soviet republics.September 2006249,409,900[317]Open38[318]
Vampirefreaks.comGothic and industrial subculture19991,931,049[319]Open to users 13 and over21,052[320]
ViadeoGlobal social networking and campus networking available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese35,000,000[321]Open435[322]
VirbSocial network that focuses heavily on artists, including musicians and photographers2007Open33,371[323]
WattpadFor readers and authors to interact and e-book sharingOpen7,036[325]
WAYNTravel and lifestyleMay 200310,000,000[326]Open to people 18 and older1,367[327]
WeeWorldTeenagers - 9 to 1730,000,000[328]Open to ages 10 and older.18,317[329]
We Heart ItImage-based social network focused on inspiration, expression and creativity200820,000,000[330]Open899[331]
WellwerCommunity without borders, where sharing is everything.September 2011Open to people 13 years and older370,755[332]
Wepolls.comSocial polling networkOpen1,204,376[333]
weReadBooksJune 20074,000,000[citation needed]Open305,720[335]
Wiser.orgOnline community space for the social justice and environmental movement[336]April 200771,600[337]Open to people 16 and older239,901[338]
WooxieBlogging and micro-bloggingOpen111,538[339]
WriteAPrisoner.comSite networking inmates, friends, familySeptember 200066,000[340]Open to people 18 years and older228,915[341]
XangaBlogs and "metro" areas199827,000,000[342]Open3,943[343]
XINGBusiness (primarily Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland))11,100,000[344]Open270[345]
Xt3Catholic social networking, created for World Youth Day 2008Open712,292[346]
YammerSocial networking for office colleagues2008Must have company email3,622[347]
Yelp, Inc.Local business review and talkOpen186[348]
YookosGeneral: photos, videos, blogs, games.Open53,498[349]
Zoo.grGreek web meeting point2004890,000[350]Open34,577[351]
ZooppaOnline community for creative talent (host of brand sponsored advertising contests)60,000[352]Open to people 14 and older[353]36,373[354]


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