Samsung already makes phones, smartwatches and even a giant connected fridge. What’s next? It may just be this smart surfboard.
The South Korean company revealed its Samsung Galaxy Surfboard earlier this month in a video starring 2014 world surfing champion Gabriel Medina. The connected gadget is powered by a Galaxy S7, which you can stow in a special compartment. It also features a big display at the front of the board to show notifications and other relevant data while you surf.
As ridiculous as it sounds there are some useful applications for the Galaxy Surfboard. It lets Medina’s coach send him tips and suggestions via text message while he’s surfing. It can also display updates on the weather, waves and other surf conditions.
Samsung doesn’t seem to have any plans to actually sell its smart surfboard, which is probably for the best since most surfers are likely more than happy to leave their smartphones on the beach when they hit the waves.

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