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American multinational Dell Technologies Inc has taken a big step forward by ACQUIRING EMC CROP, that sells data storage, information security, analytics and much more. The acquisition came at a price of $60 billion plus that would establish Dell’s presence in the above mentioned fields. This, however, comes at a price for Dell as the company will reportedly be trimming its workforce by about 2,000 employees.
While the exact number of jobs cannot be confirmed, a Bloomberg report pointed out that Dell is looking for ways to make up for that big buy. One of those ways would be looking for avenues that deliver cost savings of about $1.7 billion and Dell wants to achieve that target in just the first 18 months after the transaction.
The same report adds that EMC Corporation adds 1,40,000 employees and since that is quite a heavy load to take upon, Dell is expected to bring about excuses for employee reduction.
While Dell’s Dave Farmer wrote to Bloomberg that the company is expecting revenue gains that should make up for the expenses, both companies are battling with brands like Amazon and Microsoft. Dell’s EMC acquisition is one of the biggest ones in the tech space, which is being valued at a staggering $67 billion.

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