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Google duo came out of nowhere and showed the world how intuitive and simple a video calling app can be. Provided your contacts already have Duo installed, placing a video call is as easy as placing any other call with your phone. No sign-in required.
That very simplicity propelled Google Duo to the top of the playstore charts  (free apps) within two days of launch, and 5 million downloads past week . It’s now sitting pretty at 10 million downloads, but all does not seem to be well with the app.
As android police points out, Google Duo has now fallen from No. 1 to No. 127 on the U.S. Play Store. It’s still doing fairly wee in india though, sitting at No. 28 on the list.
The app has been well-rated, and the time we spent with it showed us that it was great. That said, Duo is only useful if you’re talking to people who also have Duo installed. Considering that the bulk of us spend our time in chat apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, Duo’s use-case is limited.
We’re waiting for the day that Duo is integrated into the Android Dialler. As a default video calling app on Android and considering the rising 4g speeds and bandwidth, it has the potential to change the way we communicate.

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