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While we haven’t heard about the next iteration of the Microsoft Band yet, a new report points out that the company is quietly re-branding the Health app to Microsoft Band app.
A report in Thurrott, points out that the name change is already made available for Android and Windows Phone, and the rebranding changes will be coming soon to iOS. The Android update notes also suggest bug fixes along with the name change from Health app to Band app.
This news comes in the backdrop of a series of reports around the future of Microsoft’s fitness trackers. The company is rumoured to killing the Band fitness tracker, for good, and so most likely there won’t be a Band 3. This seems believable as there are no signs at the Band 3 at the upcoming event. However, Microsoft has said that it will continue to support the Band 2.
Meanwhile, there are reports about the company’s plans to launch an aio surface pc in October. Reportedly, Microsoft will also highlight a bunch of OEM devices at the fall hardware launch, rather than making it an event all about Microsoft hardware. The company’s hardware event is expected to take place sometime in late October.


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