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We have been hearing a lot of Jaguar and electric vehicles lately and things have finally become official with the launch of the company’s Formula E race team. The same was made official on 8 September and this finally confirms that Jaguar is indeed interested in building hybrid electric vehicles and possibly an all electric one in the near future.
Until the announcement. There were plenty of hints which indicated that Jaguar has it eyes set on on building an electric vehicle. Firstly, JLR just a few weeks ago showed plenty of interest in building a fleet of 100 driveless cars The Tata Group even announced a tie ups with universities like Harvard and some in India as well, to speed up the process of building related technologies areas of soft robotics, advanced materials, and sensor technologies, many of which will make it into the next generation of JLR vehicles.
It was just last week that we saw spy shots of an electric version of its F-Pace SUV. The electric SUV could end up being called the J-Pace or the E-Pace and would take on the Tesla Model X and the Audi’s upcoming Q6 e-Tron.
Joining the Formula E certainly help with both of the above mentioned projects.
“The Formula E championship will enable us to engineer and test our advanced technologies under extreme performance conditions,” Nick Rogers, executive director of product engineering at Jaguar Land Rover, said in a statement. He also confirmed that the company would apply these technoo”We will apply this vital knowledge as part of our real-world development.”
Jaguar’s Formula E team called Panasonic Jaguar Racing will be joining the third season of the Formula E racing that kicks off on 9 October. Jaguar’s vehicle is called the I-Type 1. Jaguar detailed its partnership with Panasonic that will see the leading electronics and automotive technology company partner with the Jaguar Racing Formula E team to develop a future that promises to push the boundaries of electric technology in a performance environment
Last year Jaguar and its sister brand Land Rover unveiled a series of technology demonstrators that came in mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric variants

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