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OnePlus announced the release of updated OxygenOS community build 3.5.2 for  ONEPLUS 3 and community build 3.1.1 for one plus X. The community build is a separate branch launched exclusively for OnePlus forum members who can help test the build and provide feedbacks and issues to be fixed. The community builds are a run up to the final version that will eventually be pushed to customers.
OxygenOS community build 3.5.2 stands a heavy 1.3GB and brings a host of improvements to previous 3.5.1. The improvements include changes live enhanced incoming call notification, battery saver optimizations, improved dialer and new modes like night mode and battery saver among others. Community build for OnePlus X, 3.1.1 adds ability to move apps to SD card, September Android security patches, improved touch screen, HFR setting, and general bug fixes.
Users running previous community builds will receive the updates through an OTA update. For users on Stock OxygenOS, they need to flash the update using ADB sideload after backing up the data. The users on community builds will not receive official OTA updates. They need to flash back to official build which involves wiping your data and cache. The latest community build for OnePlus 3 is tricky to flash for rooted users as it does not play well with TWRP recovery. Users have reported on the announcement thread that they have lost access to TWRP recovery after the update and can’t seem to flash TWRP back using fast boot mode. If you don’t understand any term mentioned here, we advise you not to attempt installing the community builds. We won’t be responsible for any harm done to your devices.
OnePlus is continuing its work developing and improving its in-house OS with newer features and tweaks. The community builds continue the path where the company wants to combine oxygen OS and hydrogenOS into one main OS. OnePlus community on the forums plays a big part in shaping how the OS is developed. Both the announcements have feedback links to report about changes done to UI/UX and report any bugs in the builds.

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