The Pokémon craze has returned all thanks to the new Pokémon GO game that was launched just a few months back. Nintendo and game developer Niantic Labs have received an overwhelming response and the game has not even launched globally. In a matter of 63 days, POKEMON GO  has reached  more than $500 million in revenue.
According to market researcher App Annie, the numbers have now made it the fastest mobile game in history to reach the milestone in consumer spending. The market researcher also projects that the game will reach $1 billion in revenue by the end of 2016, which is just a few months from now.
John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs had announced at the apple iphone 7 event event that the game had been downloaded more than 500 million times. He also announced that Pokémon Go will launch on the Apple Watch by the end of the year which could add more players.
“One key takeaway from Apple’s event? Gaming. Pokémon Go availability marks the first top 10 mobile game to come to the Watch.The game has now generated well over $500 million in worldwide customer spend across iOS and Google Play app Stores. Pokemon’s latest platform expansion will have more game developers thinking wearables,” said Danielle Levitas, senior vice president of research and marketing communications at App Annie.
Sunny Dhillon, a partner at Signia Venture Partners, said, “It was a good day for Nintendo today — with its announcement of Mario on iOS and its affiliated IP, Pokemon Go, announcing some big numbers. The game hasn’t jumped the shark yet. Player versus player, Pokémon trading, and Apple watch integration will see the game’s success continue, not to mention content updates with additional Pokémon and improved physical world location crossover and promotion.”
I am one of the many Pokémon GO players around the world. The funny bit is, the game has not had a global launch, including India. But that hasn’t stopped fans from playing. While I agree that a few people around me are starting to lose interest in the game, it is an addiction that isn’t going to fade away that easy, at least for me.

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