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With so many headlines across news publication about the exploding batteries of the Galaxy Note 7, it’s becoming a matter of concern known by all (leave for the unfortunate owners who somehow remain uniformed and then make it to the news). Yes, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 indeed is a big mess up, one that Samsung with all its marketing guts will never be able to make up for lost sales in the product life of the Note 7. There is however one way out. And that would involve launching its next flagship Galaxy S8 early.
The Korean Herald reports a quote from analyst Kim Sang-pyo of KB Investment & Securities who states that the Korean electronics giant may advance the launch of its flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone.
“Regardless of the sales resumption, an earlier launch of a new quality flagship model seems to be the most realistic solution to dealing with the current recall crisis,” reports the Korean Herald.
Kim Sang-pyo predicts that Samsung’s profits could take a hit if it launches its next flagship by the end of the the first quarter of next year (2017). At the same time another analyst from Mirae Asset Securities concluded that Samsung could reduce sales impact of the Note 7 from the recall by pushing out the next flagship model early instead of putting resources into elevating Note sales.
Both predictions do hint at possibility of the Samsung Galaxy S8 arriving early. But there are other indicators that hint at an earlier launch too. SamMobile, for example, has some insider information which points out Samsung is already working on the Galaxy S8 and that there will be two smartphones at the next launch, both possessing dual curved edge displays.
The smartphones are called the Dream and Dream 2 and since both have curved edge displays, we could be looking at the display size as the differentiating factor.
Other news coming from Weibo via phone arena hints at a new processor to debut in the Galaxy S8. It will be called the Exynos 8895 and improve image processing by a good 70 percent with a clocks speed rated at 3.0GHz. Add to this the 10nm manufacturing process that should lead to better battery savings.

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