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Apple is trying to convince its fans that the absence of 3.5mm audio jack  on the new iPhones is no big deal. Along with lightning-based headphones, it announced the AirPods that provide a seamless wireless audio experience thanks to the newly developed W1 wireless chip and also gives access to Siri with a single tap.
However the AirPods are being criticised for having an ugly design not to mention the possibility of losing them since they don’t offer a snug fit like in-ear headphones. But we are living in an age where customer satisfaction is a prerequisite, so why not add a wire to the AirPods?
That is exactly what accessory make Spigen has done. It has launched a $10 (around Rs 650) wire called the AirPods Strap that latches onto the Apple AirPods, relieving you of all the misery that come with wireless earphones. So basically, you now get an accessory made for an accessory. Well done, Apple! And at that price, one can get a pretty decent pair of in-ear headphones. Oh but wait, there is no headphone jack on the new iPhones. Pity.
Nonetheless, Spigen’s nifty tool to keep the AirPods secure will hit markets in October. That is the same time-frame when the new iphones are expected to launch  in India.


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