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Electric cars are going to be the future of transportation, there is no denying the fact. But when I look at this three-wheeled EV, the only question that comes to my mind is, what was the company thinking?
Called the Solo, it is made by an independent company called ELECTRA MECANNICA The final production model was recently unveiled which is being sold for $15,500 in Canada (Rs 10,23,000 approx). The tiny car said to be available for pre-ordered on the company’s website for $250, which will start shipping next year. Of course it will limited to a few countries.
The company has mentioned that it has already taken more than 20,000 pre-orders earlier this summer.
The motor can produce 82 horsepower with a top speed of 220 kph (Limited to 130kph) and offers a range of 160 kilometers on one full charge. 0-100 kmph takes about eight seconds, and charging time is three hours on a Level 2 charger. Other features include 15-inch wheels and a 285 liters of cargo space, an LCD digital instrument cluster, remote keyless entry, power windows, AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth/CD/USB, rear view backup camera, heater and defogger, Air Conditioning (optional) and a 2 Year unlimited mileage warranty.
It does sound pretty good on paper, but it has quite a peculiar shape and is built to fit just one person. Why would anyone spend so much money on something that makes you ‘forever alone’?

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