Now, Google Maps Update to Show Upcoming Events

There is a good news for Android users as Google Maps will make their travel hassle free and more comfortable. Google has interlinked its two features that is, Calendar and Maps, so now you can easily plan your vacation anywhere in the world and navigate your own route. 

Yes, Google has come with a new update for Android users that provides them with a new Upcoming Tab (not named till now). This tab shows all the places across the world where the user can visit in coming days and at the same navigate its route.

Currently, this update is available only for the Android users and nothing can be commented when desktop and iOS users will be able to use the new feature. (Also read: Spotify Will Now Provide Personalised Playlists Daily) 

With the help of this New Tab, Google Maps will enlist all your forthcoming events. You can find this tab inside the menu, in the 'Your Places' section in your phone.

You must be wondering about the role of Calendar tab in Maps. Well, this tab will show events that you have fed into your Calendar app. So, you need to fill the ‘Where’ section while marking an event in the calendar so that it reflects in the Google Maps. The places you need to visit will appear on its own as soon as you fill the section. 

Moreover, Google Maps will show you the most convenient route to reach your destination after you select a place you want to visit. You can also add stickers to various destinations - for example home, workplace, or other place of interest. You can create labels so that your chosen destination comes up with its label specified. (Also read: This Is How Coconut Oil Does Wonders For You)

Android users can now afford the luxury to start navigation with the voice command 'OK Google', a feature earlierrestricted to Apple users.

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