You get to see a lot of new Bluetooth devices and accessories these days and with passing time these products are for sure getting competitive, both in terms of price and variants. When you talk about Bluetooth speakers, in recent times there have been numerous main stream audio companies that have been consistently launching their products in India.

Considering what the multinational companies are doing with their product lines, local audio makers too are keen at capturing this broad and lucrative market. Amkette, here is one such company that has been introducing new audio products for sometime and now, it has introduced its new Bluetooth speaker called the Amkette Trubeats Sonix Bluetooth speaker. This audio device is a mid-low entry level gadget, which is decently priced at Rs 2,299. Gizmodo India got its hands on the Amkette Trubeats and here is what we felt about the portable wireless audio piece.

Design and Functionality 

When you talk about the design of a gadget, one has to admit that, the Trubeat Sonix is decently made mostly featuring plastic, which we found to be alright. The speaker on the side hosts a strap, which makes it easy to carry around and it is very light weight at (Whats the weight?). You get a combination of dual colours, which composes of Black-Grey (which we got for our review), White-Green, Black-Green and White-Green.

As far as speaker assembly is concerned, the Trubeat Sonix features two speakers, placed both on the right and left that disposes unidirectional audio output that we found to be decent and balanced.All the controls are placed on the top which include things like playback, power button and volume keys as well as a controller that can be used to change the music track. It has a notification light toothat is visible in the centre of all the four dedicated buttons present out there, which identifies the Bluetooth pairing too. It blends perfectly with laptops, smartphones, tablets and more Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity devices.

There are more connectivity options too, like NFC, which we found to work spontaneously with my smartphone, 3.5mm jack which again works seamlessly as long as you have the right cable for the same and there’s microSD card support for up to 32GB.

Usability and Performance 

While buying a portable audio device the biggest concern for every buyer is the sound quality.After checking out the Truebeats audio, I found it to be pretty good. You wouldn’t expect any outstanding or extraordinary out here, but all the highs, mids and lows were audible and adequately clear. Of course, we’re not talking about audiophile grade performance, but for something that’s around Rs 2K, it is perfectly usable.

It also has an inbuilt microphone, which also works as a mobile speaker that can be used for conference calls. It worked quite well and what I liked about it here is the fact that you didn’t need to switch between calls and ongoing music.

The moment I paired it over Bluetooth and it was I was blasting at full volume.Often I did run into a few glitches at times with minor audio disturbances, but all in all, it did a decent job. The company claims of about 8 hours of output on a single charge (three hours for full charge), but in real world it rounds up to about 6 hours, which I found to be quite reasonable.

Final Conclusion 

After using the Amkette Trubeats Sonix extensively, I found this speaker to be quiet impressive in terms of sound quality. That being said I found the plastic on the body to be quite bland, and in terms of design prospects it was just fine. However, no complaints here since it comes at a price point of Rs 2,299. It certainly makes for good entry level portable speaker.


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