It seems the combination of positive word of mouth and the unmistakable influence of Minecraft have turned Dragon Quest Builders into an international success. To date, the game has shipped 1.1 million copies worldwide. The game launched way back in February in Japan, and more recently in North America on Oct. 13.
To celebrate, all of the day one DLC will be available for free… on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Preference for the series still seems to reside in Japan.

Square Enix doesn’t usually report on international sales figures

Square Enix must be happy with the sales figures for this game. Usually, when discussing Dragon Quest, most fans will be able to tell you the Japanese sales figures, but the international sales figures are usually kept on the hush hush. For example, Dragon Quest VII originally sold 4 million copies in Japan when it first came to the PlayStation. Abroad… it’s a secret to everyone who doesn’t go out of their way to find it.
However, Dragon Quest IX? Square Enix and Nintendo have no problem telling the world that it was the first Dragon Quest game to break a million sales beyond the borders of Japan.
Dragon Quest Builders‘ 1.1 million copies includes Japan, but the fact that Square Enix is even talking about it means that the game has exceeded expectations. And good for it! Dragon Quest Builders is a ton of fun, and I plan on spending a lot more time with it once the holiday rush finally comes to an end.
Dragon Quest Builders is available for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

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