Nintendo finally lifted the veil over its next Mario game, and this time it is for a smartphone. Super Mario Run was first teased by Nintendo at the iPhone 7 launch, a few months ago.

The game has been in constant development since then and it was finally launched for the masses yesterday, on the iPhone app store. And here are my first 20 minutes with the all-new Super Mario Run.

So the game is fairly quick to start, simple installation on the iPhone, logging in or signing up for your Nintendo, or skipping the process (that’s what I did). Once you’ve completed the initial steps, the game begins with a brief tutorial level. This level tells you about the dynamics of the game.

In Mario Run, Mario automatically keeps on running across the Mushroom Kingdom. Moreover, he also dodges the obstacles on its own. Your task is to simply jump to collect coins and clear the level in time. However, even for a master who’s playing Mario since his childhood on his Gameboy, Super Mario Run comes with its own set of challenges.

The game is vastly different in gameplay from the previous iterations, and boy, do you think-Gosh I’d like to play this on a gamepad! The touch gameplay isn’t bad by any means, it however is very challenging to do jumps and flips to collect coins. The game also has a few colour coded coins in Pink, Purple and Black. Collecting a bunch of each colours unlocks a different version on the level.

The game is laid out in portrait mode, which leaves a lot of room to make the plumber jump. Finger doesn’t really obstruct the elements of the game which comes in really handy. Although this is an automatic runner, the game isn’t never ending.

There are a total of 24 levels as of now, and each is more mind-smacking than the other. However, you surely do wish if you could control the running of Mario, but then again, this is a part of the challenge.

The game also gets the rewind bubbles, where users can rewind to a few seconds back, to collect coins that were missed. Although you’ll need to note that the time will still keep ticking and players will need to clear the level on time or you lose!

The game is really well made, with cute animations and all the Mario goodness that you’d find on a Nintendo console. Players will just face a brief learning curve top the jumps and the tricks, but the game definitely gets its players hooked.

Sadly, you just get the firt four stages for free, and to play the remining stages, you'll need to purchase the game for $9.99 which is roughly Rs 650, from the App Store.

For now, I’m on my way to complete the remaining stages of the game. Stay tuned for a full-review for the game coming soon.


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