L enovo yoga book looks light weight ultra thin windows machine,though it is common those days but lenovo yoga is quite different.lenovo give review for their product as thing they can,the yoga book is looking light weight and portable what are the new interesting offer from the yoga book. Let's find out?

What you get when you unbox:

well,if you unbox the ultra sleek machine you see a crevice of the box.you might like that well packed,when you pull out,you can smell the tech smell out there,It's weight is over 700g. I am damn true that it is sleek and beautiful.

when your flip it out you can find the glassy 10.1 inch screen display with decent bezents, the keyboard is of matte black surface and a smudge magnet is fitted to it. The watch band allows the user to flip the book 360 degree it is a plesent thing that you get windows 10 with life long product key

What actually i hated:

Lenovo look is attached intel's atom x5z8550 paired with  4gb of LPDDR3 memory.system is loaded with intel's HD400 GPU based on the brasswell architecture. 

They din't give us a dicent parts of a micro.usb part,a micro HDMI part,a sim card tray with a micro sd slot and speaker grille....

the yoga book din't get the stereo speaker as the apple i pad pro gets. if wasn't the louded 

Should you buy Lenovo’s Yoga Book? 

The recommendation of Lenovo’s Yoga Book as your daily driver totally depends on your usage. If you’re someone who wants an ultra-portable machine just for web browsing or typing in content, Yoga Book could be perfect for you. 

However, if you’re someone who wants more from his machine, be more productive, and probably indulge in a little bit of gaming, Yoga Book might not be the machine you’re looking for. 
The included stylus support is a really cool addition, and for someone into graphics creation, Yoga Book might surprise you, but definitely won’t replace your primary machine, as this purely lacks the necessary horsepower. 

It is definitely ideal for students looking to buy their first machine, as it is not only extremely light weight, but the stylus support and the great battery stamina would surely come in handy. 

Buy on AmazonIn my personal opinion, I loved the Yoga Book as this machine kills the monotony of what is expected from a normal notebook PC and brings something new to the table, which is always welcome in the tech community!


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