Travelling is a passion and the one who loves to travel places has a knowledge of the world more than any normal person. His/her capability of adjusting to time and situation is praiseworthy because he/she visits places as a traveler and not as a tourist. If your husband is exactly that type, you are someone very lucky because you can never get bored in life. He is always ready with some sort of vacation plan or some goofy stories about his adventures – right? On your anniversary therefore it is suggested to get him gifts that would further add value to his upcoming travel plans. Have a look below and get an idea about some really cool anniversary gifts for him.

Rucksack bag:Without this bag, no trip is complete and your man definitely loves it. A brand new rucksack bag from an internationally acclaimed brand would be a fabulous gift. Known and famous brands have greater longevity and that’s why there is no question of disliking the gift.

Book:Book can be of his choice of fiction, scientific, or comics. You can also get book that talks of the local language spoken where your husband is about to travel. This would be really great to train oneself about the culture of the place still unknown.

Portable barbeque stand:Travelling to places with friends means non-stop party and for such a trip a portable barbeque stand would be an amazing choice of gift. Even if he is travelling all alone he would find this gift interesting for its ease of carrying and serving perfectly at the time of hunger pangs. Also get some barbeque tools like forks and oil brushes for a power packed anniversary gift.

Lavender Oil:Well don’t get so surprised as I have listed this one also. Lavender oil is not only meant for your fragrant home but people can carry it in style while travelling because of its benefits. It can help you relieve stress, get a better sleep, thus saving you from being jet-lagged. Also it heals the wounds and thus you must get this as a gift for him. It is always better to be safe and secured.

Clothes as per destination:If he would be hitting the cold zone, get leather jackets, hand gloves, woolen mufflers, etc. and if he is going to warmer zones, get the cool and comfortable cotton linens for him. Those baggy trousers, three quarter pants with funky t-shirts would be fabulous.

Multi-functional Key Chain:A multifunctional key chain is one which has serves you as scissor, knife, cutter, splitter, and lots of other things. You never know when requirement may arise and thus as a meaningful gift on anniversary this would be a perfect one.

Camera Bag:If he has a soul of a traveler, no doubt he loves clicking pictures in a DSLR camera – right? As wedding anniversary gift for husband get a nice well-encased and easy to carry camera bag where his camera would be safe always.

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