There is just one thing that every tech-geek is talking about these days and that’s Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone. And many are referring to it as iPhone 8. If Apple goes with the standard September schedule that they have announced for the release, it’s just four weeks that we have to wait for before getting every tiny bit about the new iPhone revealed. But still, there are many rumors and news floating around the internet and many features of the new iPhone have been revealed.

Apple has made some revelations unofficially itself as well. Couple of iOS developers have been able to reverse-engineer quite a lot of information from beta firmware for HomePod smart speaker that was posted by Apple on some open server. Let’s have a rundown of iPhone 8 features that have been revealed by the information they have come up with. 

Dual Cameras, Face ID and 3D Lasers

Upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to come with Face ID rather than the old Touch ID security. There were reports from major news companies that App has long been developing facial recognition systems which leverage dual cameras to ensure biometric identification.

And, now the developers who worked on the HomePod firmware have also discovered some references to the infrared facial recognition features.

Also, there are many leaked images which suggest the upcoming iPhone will come with dual camera features and the two cameras will be arranged vertically one above the other and the LED flash will be adjusted somewhere in between. As reported by Fast Company, Apple is also introducing rear-facing 3D laser system which will improve the depth detection features for Augmented Reality applications and there will be autofocus for photography as well. 

The New iPhone Is Expected To Come With OLED Display

As there have been rumors that Apple is introducing three new iPhones and two of these are iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. But both these phones are expected to stick to the LCD technology as far as their display is concerned. Apple will be introducing OLED display in its flagship iPhone model, however. And there are rumors that all three of these iPhones will switch to OLED displays in 2018.

As reported by Nikkei Asian Review and The Wall Street Journal, the curved OLED panel is going to be a major upgrade to the iPhones and will allow it to compete with Samsung Galaxy 8.

According to Bloomberg, the screen of upcoming iPhone 8 will be likely to cover almost all of the device’s front whereas, according to Kuo, the phone will come with highest screen-to-body ratio ever. However, this new display might cause the release date of the new iPhones to be pushed back further. 

      What Apple Is Going To Do With Home Button?

Ming-Chi Kuo has been saying it again and again that Apple will be introducing an iPhone 8 with virtual Home button and it won’t offer support for the Touch ID. The findings from HomePod firmware reverse-engineering also back this claim of Kuo now. 

There are also rumors that Apple will be shifting that physical home button towards the phone’s back and there are some images leaked for that as well. It was also suggested by an analyst firm that it is highly possible for Apple to take the button the back or will ditch it altogether just like Samsung did with Galaxy S8. 

      Is Apple Going To Ditch Touch ID?

Well, it seems the most obvious thing with Facial recognition coming to the new iPhone. And we don’t think there would be any need of Touch ID in presence of Face ID either.  But when it comes to rumors floating around, we can’t say anything for sure. There are mixed opinions and we’ll have to wait until the final release to determine what exactly is going to happen.  

      There Will Be More Surprises Coming With iOS 11

The dual camera that will be coming in the new iPhone will extend support for AR applications as well. And, many of these are coming with the new iOS 11. Apple has already announced the new iOS at WWDC 2017 while its public beta came in June this year. And, ever since the release of public beta, we have been able to find some cool stuff which this new iOS is going to bring to the iPhone 8 and more is to follow for sure. Some of the highlights include a more capable and smarter Siri, AR software and screen recording. And, believe it or not, it’s not going to stop here and more new features will be unveiled. 

So, these are just the few highlights of what the new iPhone 8 is going to be like. There are many rumors floating around as well that are not yet confirmed. But there is solid evidence of some of the new features and changes that have been discussed above. Just stay tuned and see what the new iPhone will be like.


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