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At IFA yesterday, Lenovo launched a slew of new devices amongst which was the new Moto X4 which has been leaked about for the last few months. One thing is clear, this is Lenovo's prettiest attempt at a Motophone. It looks damn slick. However, Motorola has also dumbed down the phone from its flagship heritage, and removed all customisation options which make this phone a favourite of many. Certainly, the new Moto X4 looked like this hot diva in the short while we tried the phone, however, one sure hopes that it doesn't turn out to be a dumb. 

Gone is the plastic and design elements have been borrowed from the sleek Moto Z line of devices. This phone actually selectively borrows elements from the LG G6 with a double sandwich of glass punctuating its design on the front and back. It looks lovely as the glass on the back curves ever so slightly making it ergonomic in the hand. It is also glossy and shiny with this silvery and black finish which looks stunning, though, also turns out to be a fingerprint magnet. Besides this, it also becomes the first Motorola phone to have IP68 certification which is something that's even missing in a flagship phone like the Moto Z2 Force . Compared to a flagship phone like the Z2 Force, this phone, however, feels a little chunky. 

Internally, the Moto X4 isn't particularly flagship material. It is a phone which is powered by a humble Qualcomm mid-range processor, 3/4GB RAM and offered in up to 64GB of storage which means it is going to be not a Galaxy S8. That being said, it seems very responsive as it runs stock Android 7.1 Nougat. No word on whether it will have Oreo, but Motorola is generally good at this kind of a thing. The Google Assistant aside, Motorola has struck up a partnership with Amazon for the Alexa assistant which comes preloaded on the phone. 

The cameras on this phone are interesting and are baked with smarts. There are two of them on the back — one 12-megapixel dual pixel sensor, and the other, an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera like the one we have seen on phones like the LG G6 and the new V30 . We really didn't have the time to put them through the paces, but I'd imagine them to be not too bad, however, Motorola's phones have never been big on imaging. What they do is that they understand what they are shooting and can tell more about a monument you are shooting or tell you what's there in the frame apart from scanning menial things like bar codes for transactions on Amazon.

There's a 3,000mAh battery in the device which should be decent considering the rather small 5.2-inch full HD screen. On the front, the camera resolution is actually higher for selfies; 16-megapixels to be precise. 

This phone will be coming soon and hopefully, it will hit the Indian market soon too. Pricing should be below Rs 30,000 for sure, however, one still isn't fully convinced about this new direction for the series, however, one can't deny the charm the phone packs. 

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