Attain both your goals by knowing about how to lose weight and build muscle simultaneously!

Yes, it is possible to lose weight and build your muscles at the same time, although the knowledge of the principles behind the biological procedures involved will be required for it to be acquired effectively.

There is much more to just losing weight and building muscle tissues than simply exercising or dieting. However, it is highly essential to consume the right diet and carry out the right exercises.
First thing, one or two facts: 

If you want the answer to the question how to lose weight and build muscle, then the first thing that you should know is that they can both be done at the same time, in fact, they should be done at the same time. The second thing is that it is not possible to alter lead into pure gold. 
They are totally different biological substances and one cannot alter to another no matter if you have read it somewhere that you can.
Now that such facts have been established, how exactly do you think you are going to lose weight and build muscles at the same time?

The essentiality of a calorie deficit

If you consume fewer calories or burn more calories then you will reach a stage where your body will be classified in the category of calorie deficit. That is if you have been able to burn more calories than you have consumed.

You are working out yet there are not sufficient calories included in your diet to offer sufficient energy for both of your metabolic needs and requirements and your work outs.
Your metabolic rate or need refers to the needed calories that provide energy for your breathing, heartbeat, central nervous system, digestion and much more.

The bodily processes that must function for you to live require that energy.
If you do aerobics, jog on a treadmill, swim, cycle or participate in any other form of sport or exercises that makes you breathe a lot and increases your heartbeat, then you use a lot of calories.
When you lift weights, then you use lot of calories and you also build your muscle tissues that will speed up your metabolism which in turn burns even more calories.

Losing fat and building muscles at the same time

You must have read it somewhere that you cannot lose weight and build your muscles but the fact is as mentioned earlier you can do both.
In certain ways, it is true that it can be tough to lose fat and build muscle but that only applies if you are a regular weightlifter or bodybuilder.

A lot has to be done with the density of the muscle and how much bulk of muscle you can build on the top of the muscles that you already have.
As explained, you require calories deficit to burn fat, if you consume calorie concentrated food like bread, potatoes, and ice creams and so on then you will have to do a lot of work out in order to create a calorie deficit, in order to gain muscles, you will need protein.

Intake protein supplements or even chickens, your digestive system will break the protein into carbohydrates for energy and the needed amino acid for building muscle fibres. The exercise of combining aerobic and anaerobic will get your blood flowing through your muscles and carry forward the amino acids to where they must be preset for the development of the muscles.

Intake the nutrients during your marvellous attempt to get the best of the both parts and you will be set on the right path to success! 

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