Samsung and Apple have been going at it for a long time now. It started with the Galaxy S3 versus the iPhone 4S in 2011 (prior to this, Samsung’s phones weren’t very good), and seven years later, the battle is still raging on.
This year it’s the Galaxy S9 versus the iPhone X. Crowning a definitive winner between the two is easier said than done. That’s because both are arguably the best smartphones you can buy right now.
Beautiful display, check. Powerful processor, check. Gorgeous industrial design, check. Full-featured operating system, depending on your alliance, check.
So, how do you decide which one is the best? The answer is unsatisfying, but it comes down to personal taste. One person might go with the S9 while another will go with the iPhone X. Personally, I prefer the iPhone X.

It’d be easy to get into a spec rundown of why the iPhone X is better, but simply put, I enjoy using it more than any other phone. Some of the notable features that make the experience enjoyable include Face ID and iOS 11’s touch gestures.
Face ID is the easiest way to unlock a smartphone. Just look at your phone and it’s unlocked. iOS 11 may have some faults, but navigating through it with Apple’s new swipe gestures is the way touch displays were meant to be used. It’s just a fluid experience I miss anytime I use another device. The end experience I get the iPhone X is not one I’ve been able to replicate with another device, so I stick with Apple’s flagship.
This is not a knock on the Galaxy S9. I think it’s a great smartphone with its stunning design and variable aperture camera. It’s just not for me. If I was forced to use a smartphone and it was the S9, I’d be happily satisfied. Luckily I have a choice and I choose the iPhone X.
Jon Rettinger and Michael Fisher (aka Mr. Mobile) tried to answer the same question to the best of their abilities in the video above. Their opinions differ from mine, but I suspect so will many others.

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