If you are fortunate enough to own a beautiful luxury car, then you will want to do your best to keep it clean. And standard cleaning agents are not going to be good enough to keep your interior looking fresh, as they are often filled with harsh chemicals and may even leave behind streaks or marks.

Instead of taking a gamble on whether or not these cleaners will work, just use our DIY recipes, and save yourself the headache and hassle. This is also a great way to avoid having it professionally cleaned, too.

For this we turned to our friends of Big Motoring World, an online used cars dealer, and they gave us some amazing tips on how to clean your luxury cars DIY-style.

Cleaning Slime

This sounds gross at first. Cleaning slime? Yuck. But this is actually a really great way for you to get into those hard to reach places and extract the dirt, dust and grime that builds up. You can use it on your car’s radio buttons, or the power window and door buttons. The point of the slime is that it is slightly tacky, so it picks up the dirt that is hard to reach.

Here are the ingredients:

·         1 1/2 cups of warm water
·         ¼ cup of borax laundry boost
·         5 ounces of school glue
·         Food Coloring (this is optional)

The Recipe:

  Using a paper cup, mix your water with borax, and stir till dissolved. Put this borax water to the side.

   In a mixing bowl mix up a half cup of warm water, the glue and 2 drops of food color.

   Add in the borax water, stir until it is firm. It is going to start as a goo-like mess, but it will get firmer as you mix it up.

   Knead this with your hands until it becomes a dry ooze ball. This can take about five or so minutes.

      If the slime is sticking to your hands, or won’t ball up, add one or two   tablespoons of borax.

       Do not use the slime unless you can roll it into a ball.

Using this is a little tricky. You must knead a piece into a firm ball, then dab what you are attempting to clean. Don’t allow the slime to sit on any electronics or surfaces for more than a second, as it will ooze inside of your unit and could ruin it. Just dab and go. It is pleasing to the touch and gets dirt out of the hard to reach nooks and crannies.

DIY Leather Cleaner

Part of the joy of owning luxury cars is the fact that they feature lovely leather interiors that look classy and provide comfort for passengers and drivers. Keeping those leather interiors looking as nice as day one is easy when you have the right products to do so. Check out this leather cleaning recipe that uses ingredients you have in your home. It will keep your leather looking healthier and conditions it, too.

What You Need:

·         ¼ cup of olive oil
·         ½ cup of regular vinegar
·         One spray bottle

All you need to do now is mix the two ingredients together within the spray bottle and shake it up really well. Spray it onto the leather and wipe it down with a cotton cloth. You can also add in a drop of your favorite essential oil into the mixture too, if you like-we added lemon-to give it a pleasant little smell. This also cuts down on the vinegar smell, too (but it doesn’t last all that long, anyway).

Do not use this on suede, whatever you do-but take note that it is fine for regular leather.

DIY Car Soap

You can make your very own car wash soap that is a lot cheaper and easier than getting into the car, battling traffic, and searching for it only to find that it is out of stock at your local auto parts store. Make yourself up a batch of soap that you can use for the next few washes that are going to come your way

Here are the ingredients:

·         ¼ cup of baking soda
·         1 Gallon bucket/jug with a lid
·         ¼ cup of dishwashing liquid
·         Water to fill the bucket almost to the top

Now mix up the solution and put the lid onto your bucket. When it is time to give your car a washing, mix the solution up again and pour one cup of it into a water bucket. Fill the water bucket up with warm water, stir it up, and then use the solution to wash your car.

Ammonia for Windows and Wipers

You can use household ammonia to clean up wipers and windows.

For wipers, cleanliness is important as they help you see better in poor weather. The same goes for windows-being able to see out of them well prevents accidents and promotes safety.

Mix up ¼ cup of household ammonia with 1 liter or 34 oz of cold water. Lift up the blades and wipe both sides of them with a soft cloth or paper towel that is saturated with the cleaner. Wipe them off with a dry cloth and lower them back down.

For windshields/windscreens, add 60 ML of ammonia to 1 liter of water and pour it into a plastic bottle with the cap on tight. Keep it in the car for washing windows. As the windows get dirty, take out your mixture and apply it with a sponge. Then dry it with soft cloth or paper towels.

Keep Lights Shining

Keep your headlights bright by using an old pair of pantyhose and some window cleaner. Apply window cleaner to the headlights and rub vigorously with the old pantyhose.


Keeping your luxury ride looking good does not have to be hard or expensive if you know the right hacks. After all, you’ve already spent a good bit of money on getting such a nice car-forget buying even more expensive and ineffective cleaning agents!

Simply make your own for an easier, less expensive option. You will enjoy the natural approach to keeping things clean, and the extra money that you have in your pocket. Best of all, you and your passengers will love riding in your clean car. 


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